Fifty pages in 8.25 X 11 workbook format. Great for small groups and/or ongoing personal study, this workbook coordinates with (and is designed to be used in conjunction with) Grace plus Nothing 2010 Revised Edition.

Permission is included for you to make as many copies as you need for each member of your group to have one. This is an indispensible tool and supplement to Grace plus Nothing; practicing your freedom in Acceptance-Based Performance, learning the Scriptures, growing in Godly character, and answering more questions.


   This work is in response to the many requests Iíve received for a Group Discussion Guide. Though the response to Grace plus Nothing has been phenomenal, I thought the Study Guide which I provided in the Appendix of the first two editions was inadequate. So I deleted that from the 2010 Edition of Grace plus Nothing. Instead Iíve written this new ďStudy and Group Discussion GuideĒ which is proving to be an effective tool to facilitate group discussion.

On the very last page of this Guide Iíve provided an email address for contacting me with feedback. We are running relatively small printings of this work so we are able, in an ongoing way, to improve its effectiveness.


  This Discussion Guide is divided into sections which coordinate with the sectional divisions and chapters in Grace plus Nothing 2010 Revised Edition. Your group or your group leader needs to preplan how much material will be practical to cover during each session, usually depending upon how often you meet. One chapter per day from Grace plus Nothing is the normal pace. Assignments from this Discussion Guide should be coordinated with whatever chapter assignments you’ve decided upon from Grace plus Nothing.


   For over forty years the Lord has had me on one mission. Iíve had several other jobs, of course, but my ultimate mission has continued to be one thing: To apply the Gospel itself to all who receive it, in both Biblical and practical terms, in as many ways as I can think of. This Biblical and practical application of the Grace of Christ which redeems and restores us requires not only consistent exposition of the work of the Cross but also simultaneous exposure of all legalism for what it really is: sin! I have not gone easy on legalism in this volume, as you will see, yet I know that, as you come to appreciate and to love the message of the Cross which is the power of God (I Corinthians 1:18), you will recognize that explaining Grace and exposing legalism are two sides of the same coin.

My prayer and my expectation is that this discussion series will go a long way toward creating an environment in you and in your local fellowship that is free from legalism and fertile with Grace, so that you will continue grow in Grace (II Peter 3:18), and never feel pressured to grow out of it!

~ Jeff Harkin

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